1993 - present: Collaboration with Najib Cheradi

  Waisvisz has collaborated with many singers. Even after working with electronics for many years Waisvisz thinks the voice is one of the richest sounding instruments around.
' If all the sounds that can be made with electronics, could be made with the voice I would prefer to be a singer'.
Najib and his Moroccan ensemble Weshm collaborated with Waisvisz on a piece that was set up as a musical estafette. Each would play their own music by turns and gradually these rounds would get shorter until they finally met in a North-South climax. They were looking for a format beyond the forced and superficial multicultural 'fusion' ideas.
Waisvisz and Cheradi have since than collaborated on a number of pieces in which contemporary and traditional north-African and mid-Eastern singing styles are combined with Waisvisz' electronics.
Noticable was a special project with the GRM in Paris where Waisvisz and Cheradi performed a dedicated piece called 'Confusion' that unexpectedly (!) coincided with the elections where the French people had to choose between Chirac and Le Pen...