Late sixties: Crackle Chain

Recently this photograph was discovered in an old promotional publication of the Free Academy of The Hague. It is probably the only surviving image in which the Theremin that Waisvisz' father built can be seen (placed on the black box above the center of the photograph).
Also Waisvisz' ideas about 'Touch' and human/technology chains are already clearly visible in this historic picture. It shows some of Waisvisz' students (from left to right): Maggy Weld (painter), the late composer/musician Tony van Campen and composer/improviser Luc Houtkamp all connected through flesh and wires. Besides the Theremin one can see the first prototypes of Crackle boxes/synthesizers built in collaboration with the lateGeert Hamelberg. Luc Houtkamps knee is pressing a foil condensor that controls one of the Crackle circuits.
We hope that the content of this image makes up for its mediocre quality.