1976 - 1983 The Crackle Synthesizer


The Crackle Synthesizer has been developed and built after the Crackle Box, which was more a kind of game.

The Crackle Synthesizer consisted of the components of 3 Crackleboxes. These could be linked by touching special conductive pads. Potentiometers were used to control the amount of controllability of this instrument. 'Minimum control' meant that the Crackle Synthesizer would easily play on its own for hours.

The Crackle Synthesizer was a self-supporting instrument. With batteries, an amplifier inside and its own horn loudspeaker it could be played everywhere.

Michel Waisvisz was once brought to a police station in the Ardennes after having been found playing on a clear night in the woods. The policemen thought they captured some kind of spy. They didn't believe this was music even after a short concert at the police station. He was however released.

Waisvisz played his first USA tour in 1978 with this instrument. Also the LP 'Crackle' was almost entirely performed on the Crackle Synthesizer.