1976 Crackle Family


Mid-seventies: Crackle exhibitions - Amsterdam/Stedelijk Museum, Rotterdam/Lijnbaancentrum, Bourges/GMEB, Stockholm/Fylkingen etc.

In the mid-seventies the development of the Crackle Box led to the construction of a vast range of music theater instruments. All these instruments were based on analogue electronics; combining soundproducing circuits with finger contacts in various ways. On the photograph of the Crackle Family one can see spoons and forks as finger contacts. These visitors of the Crackle exhibition made music by eating out of empty plates. The sounds came from the loudspeakers in the pots. Changes of sound were controlled by putting the spoons and forks deeper in their mouths. Their children created music by pouring tea in cups. The tea comming out of the pot connected the circuits of the pot and the cups; the amount of tea influenced the musical sounds.