"Hit the Grit'


surround soundtrack for an imaginary game
composed and produced by Michel Waisvisz
in the Lisa studio at STEIM.

specially created for Jan Werners NoiseRoom
to be presented at STEIM on tuesday januari 31rst 2006



the game:
we are in a desert filled with the debris of all languages.
the de-composition of meaning has progressed rapidly;
all phrases, words and even recognizable syllables have completely disappeared.
what remains is grit of noise in the process of being distorted even further into almost meaningless electro-sonic sand.
the pieces of grit however are not yet small enough to have descended into their final state: the etheric dust.

in the game you are on your own; there are only war-hungry enemies.
their eternal goal in this war game is to crunch the grit into dust.
if successful, this is the end of the game: they won..
for you, however, the goal of the game is to imagine that what you hear is not a process of mindless recycling and destruction of noise, but shear music!
but the enemies are strong: the crunchers, the ambushers, the deceptive mongers, the paranoid narrators, the corporate warlords, the structuralist abstractors, the greedy de-valuators, the calculating humiliators, the happy triggers and the recursive streamers do everything to turn meaning into meaningless dust.

the game is played by laying yourself down in the noiseroom and gently resisting the noise.
your assignment is to successfully imagine that what you are hearing is not noise, but music!
the more bits of music you 'hear', the more points you get and this makes you sort of a winner :)
don't fight the noise, but curb it in your mind.
and don't forget: it's a game!


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