1981 - present: Collaborations with Laurie Anderson



This image of Michel Waisvisz and Laurie Anderson (with - invisible - Dougie Bown on percussion) was shot in front of the 45.000 visitors of the Metropolis open air festival in Rotterdam during an European tour in August/September 1992..
Anderson and Waisvisz have a long standing friendship. It dates from the late seventies when they met at a Music and Performance festival in Lugano/Switserland.
In 1981 they performed for the first time together at the Middelburg (NL) New Music Festival. At that occasion Laurie performed for the first time live 'Oh Superman' in the Netherlands.
They also experimented several times with new performance technologies at STEIM, the Amsterdam center for live eletronic music. These sessions have been an inspiration for the further development of both their work.
In june 2005, at the occasion of the presentation of Michel Waisvisz first cd 'In Tune' (after he playfully did not want to record and publish his live work since 1978!) Laurie and Michel performed together again in the famous Theatrum Anatomicum in Amsterdam. It was here that Rembrandt painted his 1632 painting 'Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Tulp'.
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