1981 - De Slungels (The Gawks)

'The Slungels' had its premiere in the 1981 Holland Festival. 'The Slungels' was performed by robots claiming human rights and humans behaving like robots.The fact that the audience was watching robot actors in a cyberplay avant-la-lettre for about one and a half hour caused a riot in the respectable Holland Festival.

After the Holland Festival performances Waisvisz took the robots on the road as his band. The Slungels performed in many European cities. One of the memorable presentations took place in the Wroclaw theater festival just before marshal law was declared in Poland. The audience consisted mainly of nuns and military people and some civilians. They probably came to check out their more western oriented future.


Nowadays what remains of The Slungles can be found in one of the basement rooms of STEIM in Amsterdam.

Today The Slungels would be better understood, they didn't die for nothing.