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a selection of upcoming events:

due to the composing and preparation of new works and intense administrative activities for the steim foundation only rare concert presentations until march 2008

through winter and spring and summer 2007 waisvisz played several solo concerts and duo concerts with tarek atoui in various locations in europe


a selection of older events:

2006 December 13nd: duo with christine Sehnaoui as part of STEIM Micro Jamboree in Amsterdam.

December 2nd: in concert (live radio recording) with Paul Hubweber and Uli BÖttcher at the Swiss Italian TV in Lugano.

November 22: solo contribution to the Gaudeamus Live Electronic Music Festival in the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam

November 16: 'the essence of moving image is located between the ears' a special project with Christine Sehnaoui and Norberto Llopez Segaro at the Haags Filmhuis

November 11: in concert with Paul Hubweber and Uli BÖttcher at L'instant Chavires

october 26 at STEIM concert: Mazen Kerbaj and friends (Mazen Kerbaj, Michel Waisvisz, Sharif Sehnaoui, Tarek Atoui, Takuro Mizuta Lippit (dj sniff) Clare Cooper)

januari 31rst - Waisvisz creates 'shelter' a special project in the NOISE ROOM at STEIM

februari 9th 2006 - concert and workshop in Malmö at the Music Academy
program information in swedish !

februari 10th 2006 - together with Paul Hubweber and uli bötcher at Worm in Rotterdam and on februari 11th in Extrapool in Nijmegen

march 10th 2006 - collab concert with Jan Werner at the in Paris GRM in Paris

between march 14th and 17th 2006 - concert, workshop and keynote at Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island

april and may 2006 : various solo concerts like at tag004 in The Hague and during the Max/MSP/Jitter workshop by Cycling74 developers at the Forum fur Neues Musiktheater in Stuttgart

june 6th 2006 solo at NIME2006 in IRCAM Paris

october 22th 2005 - Waisvisz performs with Jan Werner in Nadine Bruxxelles OKNO

october 27th 2005 - Waisvisz performs with Hans Tutschku in Weimar

nov. 18th 2005 - Waisvisz solo at Exchange CH-NL festival basel

june 4th 2005 - Waisvisz presents 'RetroFuture' at the International Festival for Electronic music in Bourges IMEB

read about 'RetroFuture'

june 23rd 2005 - Waisvisz performs with Laurie Anderson and Jan Werner during the Dutch release party of 'In Tune' at De Waag in Amsterdam

On april 7th 2005 Michel Waisvisz presented a keynote concertante at CHI2005 in Portland Oregon. CHI is the major international gathering of designers of human - computer interaction

april 8 2005 - STEIM demo and concert at The Lab / San Francisco ( solo and combinations with Joel Ryan, Laetitia Sonami, Robert van Heumen and Roddy Schrock

april 11 2005 - STEIM concert at Mills College Concert Hall / Oakland ( same as previous

april 30st 2005 : lecture concertante at Facelifters Genk Belgium ( and

may 2nd 2005 - solo in STEIM concert at Frascati in Amsterdam

Last fall (2005) Michel Waisvisz performed with various composers/musicians in Germany, Holland and France.
Also he gave several workshops and presentations about the design of personal performance instruments; most recently at the Forum Neues Musik theater - Staatsoper in Stuttgart
Since august he also has performed many live-sampling happenings with children like at Crossing Border in The Hague

doku/fiction - Mouse on Mars reviewed & remixed - Kunsthalle Dusseldorf, 4 April ö 27 June 2004 Events Accompanying the Exhibition 21st April 2004 8 pm Michel Waisvisz conducts a musical dialogue with Laurent Baudoux.

april 24th Waisvisz performs new work at Patras festival organised by Municipal Conservatory of Patras in Greece

march 12th concert in lokaal01 in Breda with Roel van de Laar (Den Bosch), Koen Delaere (Tilburg) en Kris Delacourt (Antwerpen)

march 9th concert/radio recording at STEIM/amsterdam

Budapest februari 5-8th 2004
'Making New Waves festival'
STEIM presents: Waisvisz' live concert with 'The Hands'
the first ever "Crackle workshop"
and the "Touch exhibition"

september 4th 'sonic security check' live concert with the incoming audience

september 27th concert at marres in maastricht

october 17th Gent De Vooruit concert for IPEM40 - october 19th lecture presentation

june 20th sonic keynote at cybersonica ica london

may 24th keynote speach and concert at nime montreal

may 28th opening concert at mutek festival montreal

february 26th steim concert at balie theatre in amsterdam

march 28th concert at felix meritis theatre in amsterdam

februari 16th till 22nd: concerts, children concerts, lectures during STEIM's Touch manifestation at Nalen in Stockholm

a selection of older events (2002):

lecture demo at IRCAM Paris on october 19th 2002

May 24 2002 aSt. Catherines Church Dublin 'con fus ion' with Najib Cherradi

information about 'con fus ion' premiered on may 3rd 2002 in Paris

June 6th 2002 ICA London keynote presentation at Cybersonica

may 17 2002 Muziek Centrum Vredenburg Utrecht: duo concert with Najib Cherradi

april 14th 2002 Louvre Paris: live performance of film music for: The Hunchback of the Notre Dame

april 16 2002 Melkweg Amsterdam: concert with Weshm in STEIM mini festival.

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