Alive in Beirut : Mazen Kerbaj

please check out this great musician (and comic's author and painter) who creates electrifying sonic music using acoustical instruments:

Mazen Kerbaj is a musician from Beirut who kept playing, improvising and recording his music live while the bombs destroyed parts of the city and killed many people all over lebanon. As the bombs were brutally intruding into the life of Beiruts people they also intruded into the life and the music, of Mazen. He took this hard reality into his music organically and sensitively by letting the microphone record it all: his music and the bombs. By accepting this as an artistic truth he is showing a strange and unusual courage. I feel that he deserves attention and if needed support. With his sensitive thought and musical quality he contributes to rebuilding the creative spirit of Beirut.

michel waisvisz, amsterdam august 8 2006 (updated august 18th)

Mazen's site:

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Mazen's 'starry night' mp3 (excerpt): 'starry night'

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