1967-1969 Tapeloopswing



1969 Delft, the Netherlands - Michel Waisvisz plays one of the earliest live performance samplers.

He invented this instrument to be able to perform the tape music that he created in the studio live on stage.

The sounds were first recorded on two tapeloops. These loops were stretched between two stands and pulled back and forth by his hands. The stand in front of him (not visible on the photograph) contains two reading heads. By using two loops with identical sounds he was able to produce prolonged stretches of sound by synchronizing movements by the left and right loop and controlling the fades of the separate loops with the volume pedals on the ground. Live recordings were made with the taperecorders on the ground by temporarily leading the loops through the recorders

Waisvisz composed several works for this instrument. The magnetophonic opera "Gullivers Travels" was the first work to employ all the possibilities of the instrument.